Saturday, November 16, 2013

Science in Daily life ‘Science’ is an integral part of our life. When we show our gratitude towards the facilities that we enjoy today, Science is the field of knowledge which acquires the place next to Nature. We, that is, all living beings and non-living beings, the Earth, The Planet and the entire Solar System are Science. Primitive man did not learn anything from Science Text books or articles. Yet, he knew to create fire, he had learnt to grow plants and his food and preserve the food without losing their nutrients. This was possible because Science is there in our DNA. Science follows the principle of ‘Doing and Learning’. One should not just think that it is the learning of any abstract subject like physics, chemistry, biology or mechanics. What one learns from text book is the collection of knowledge that had been acquired through ‘doing’. Now, taking it to the next level of experience and knowledge is the duty of today’s ‘Scientists’. The ‘Renaissance’ or ‘the Great Revolution’ was possible only because of ‘Science’. Invention of Agricultural implements, Commercial Production, Transportation and Telephone onward till Mobile phones today, this noble knowledge has been revealing the ‘truth’ before our very eyes. Hence, we cannot deny the fact about the role of science in our daily life. Today, we are enjoying a blissful life of sitting at home and shopping while chewing our favourite food. All consumer goods have come to make our life easier and comfortable. But, they are just products. If we need to enjoy them, then we must understand Nature and Science. We ought to show our Gratitude. The real living comes from Art i.e.Nature and Science. Hence, when we think of ‘Science in our Daily’ life, we must think of the fundamentals of Science and not the outcomes. Browse through the mind as to how our very existence is possible. Did our computer or kitchen appliances bring us on Earth..! is ‘Nature’ and ‘Science’ that has made ‘US’ possible on here. All the other facilities are short-cuts to make our life more enjoyable which is the contribution of this great knowledge called ‘SCIENCE’. So, Science is Science in its true sense and it is an integral part of our very existence.

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