Monday, November 4, 2013

Essay on 'Holidays' 'Holidays are the days that provide us a break from the routine schedule. There can not be an argument against its need. What can we do to use our holidays as 'refreshing breaks'? Yes, we can rest,relax and restore ourselves during holidays. We can pursue our hobbies, visit our friends and relatives, play our favorite games, visit our favorite places or just be at home and enjoy home-made food. When we get holidays at proper intervals, they help us get back to our routine life with new zest and vigor. Who are in need of holidays? 'EVERYONE'of course! A student, a home maker, a working person, person who is engaged in hard mental work, person who is engaged in hard physical work....every one in fact, need a break! At the end of these well used breaks, we can get back to work or studies with multiplied energy.

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